Wednesday, 14 September 2011

First Post

Peter has been nagging me to get something posted on the blog, so here it is.  I thought I'd kick off with a current project. I first saw the "Fairies wear Boots" model, sculpted by Kev White, on a forum and knew that I wanted to paint her. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when I received an email from Tim at Grey Matter asking me if I would like to paint her for them :)

The cast itself is really nice; light grey resin with only a couple of tiny bubbles that were easily dealt with. She also had a very feint mold line on the inside of her arms, but again, once spotted they were sorted out. Her wings (not shown in these pictures) are cast in clear resin. I'm quite looking forward to seeing how they look on the finished piece.

The pictures here are WIPS, but I only have a few things to finish off, together with the final obligatory tidy up. She's sporting a pair of Cherry Red DM's and her dress is the Goth colour of choice - purple. I always imagined her with stripey thigh-high socks, which I think have come out very well.

I have to say that she is a typical Kev sculpt - I am sure he won't mind me saying that!  She is so delicate and very small - he certainly has a keen eye for the ladies ;) I also enjoyed the extensive "research" into Love Hearts - well I had to get them right didn't I?!

I have done some more work since these shots, but I'll probably leave off posting more pictures until she is completed.  In the meantime, I hope you like her :D

Toosh x

"Fairies Wear Boots" by Grey Matter Figures
Sculpted by: Kev White

"Fairies Wear Boots" by Grey Matter Figures
Sculpted by: Kev White


  1. Great news you will be posting here as well. I've been subscribed to your own blog, but not much has happened there since your first post ;)

    Best of luck for both of you, happy painting!


  2. Nice painting!!! I love this sculpt and I'm glad Tim has got you on the job for it!! Good progress so far, love the hair and skin, I was expecting the DMs to be brighter, unless its just the photos not showing it right (or my monitor lol). It will be interesting to see the wings!