Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A little frustrated...

Please endulge me, I need to vent a touch of frustration at the trouble I am having with the third model for my diorama... In stark contrast to the two chunky cyber-zombies, my third protagonist in my vignette is a delicate girly packing a couple of sub-machine guns. Should be a nice contrast to the gnarly bad-guys and be a different POV for the scene.

So all is good with the world, right? Not quite... read on for my tale of woe

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The second Revenant - much better so far!

After the previous attempt, I decided to try something a little different... in fact the reverse of what I did last time. Colour first and then shade!

Toosh reminded me of a really lovely Nurgle Demon painted by Bohun where he really went to town on the colour (he was determined to move away from the stereotypical green Great Unclean One). Using that as inspiration I have gone for oranges and purples for the wounds over a yellow ochre base. So far I am still on the 'colour' stage, but it is already looking much more interesting (to me at least). What do you think?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Learning Curve... a steep one! (AKA the first Revenant)

Well, sometimes in the pursuit of that next technique/style you have seen on t'interweb you sometimes leave casualties in the field... That was me this weekend...

I had got myself into a position where I wanted to really go to town on painting models for my small vignette this weekend, so I spent one of my few remaining annual leave days on a day off on friday. The intent was to get to a point by the end of the day where the Strain Revenant that I had prepped was painted. This, however did not really go according to plan...

As I wanted quite a lot of lividity to all the wounds on the revenant, I decided that it would be best to paint in almost a greyscale and then add all the colour afterwards. This may have been a mistake as the glazes I used didnt really sit well over the top of the shading and I didnt get the effect I was looking for. It ended up rather 'muddy' and not as neat as I had hoped.

I will start at the end for anyone who just wants to see where I finished.... after the break I will go into more detail about what I did. This is the revenant NOW:

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Looking at the previous post

Its funny... looking at the photos in the previous post has made me realise that I need to do more to the ceiling/walkway section. It looks far too thin and flimsy... I will put in another layer to the roof below the pipes (thanks Toosh for the idea!) and see how that goes...!

In other news, I started slapping paint on one of the models last night - the Strain Revenant 2 has a flesh tone! And a second Revenant arrived in the post this morning after a super-speedy service from Studio McVey once again!

Photos later

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Another weekends work

So, another weekend has passed, and I think I have just about finished building by Studio McVey diorama... It is now sprayed black with all of the major points of interest in place. Still more surface detail to go such as trailing cables/chain, toxic waste canisters, fuel drums etc. and a little more tidying up of the edges to make them flat and square, but I am happy with it as it is for now...

 Looking forward to starting the painting!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Nearly finished building it...!

very nearly there now - some gaps to fill and some more small details to add, but other than that, the build is pretty much done. I should have pics of it primed by the end of the weekend. If I really get myself into gear, I am hoping to have a good few coats of paint on Sharro to show you as well...

Monday, 9 January 2012

SF vignette after the weekends work

Here it is after the work over the weekend...
There are a couple of big changes as you can see - the top and the wall/door. It looks a bit of a mess atm due to the mix of primed and unprimed areas (which I hope to remedy this week), but I am pleased with the general composition. After a comment on Platoon Britannica I was a little concerned as to the amount of space in the piece, but now that the door is in, it doesnt seem too large (to my eye at least - what do YOU think?)

I still have more to do in terms of details, but I am really getting to the point where I just need to paint something, so I may well start on the figures very soon! I bloody love the Studio McVey stuff...!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


That may well be a made up word, but who cares!  The fact is, I was lucky to receive two "Snosserousses" for Christmas and one of them comes from......

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Studio McVey vignette WIP as it stands this morning

So, most of the build of the base has been done now, certainly the most difficult sections, and it is now down to the fine details (the fun bit!). I am thinking of putting a room in it, but can't decide whether that will be a positive addition to the scene or whether it will make it too enclosed. The plan would be to have the roof match the floor, but have car body mesh rather than the slip plate to allow some light through.

Anyway, pictures:

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!