Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Avelonian bust

This is the bust as it stands now. He needs a little "je ne sais quoi" so I am going to head over to The Basement and see if any of those talented buggers can point me in the right direction! Obviously he needs a plinth and I really want to do something with the helmet that originally came with the model., maybe present it on the plinth...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fairy Dust(ed)

Well, its taken much longer than I wanted it too, but my Fairy Wears Boots piece is finally done. Big smiles and big relief.  However......this fairy tale isn't quite over. I managed to break her wings (which are extremely delicate by the way) whilst packing her up for Grey Matter.  A few choice words were muttered and I'm now going to glue them on with a two part epoxy glue rather than the 'super' variety.

Anyway, whilst I get that task done, here are some pictures, complete with wings intact :D

More WIPS - painting one bust and sculpting another!

So, next up are a couple more WIPs - the Avelonian bust is heading rapidly to completion (although I keep looking at it wanting to add some kind of freehand), and a Pirate Orc Bust a 'Jolly Bodger' so to speak...

The Avelonian:

The Pirate Orc has been sculpted in my usual 50:50 mix of Super Sculpey firm and regular and has a ball-bearing eye. I used a different technique to stop the sculpey from separating from the armature this time though, and it made a massive difference - I added a procreate core to the armature and before it had cured I started adding the bulk of the sculpey. Then I left it to dry before continuing the sculpt.

This is it now, after the first bake (as you can see, thos one is more GW in style than the last Bonner-esque one):

Monday, 17 October 2011

Domaru complete for now

I think I have come to the point of completion with the Domaru now - I have made a few subtle tweaks and tidied a few areas, but I think he is now done. I will get a plinth for him sorted out at some point (I have my eye on one from BNS Miniatures) and am still mulling over modifying the rocks on the back, but sometimes you just have to know when to stop...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Avelonian Recruit bust - a new WIP

Made a few changes to the blog recently, most notably the image 'slider' at the top of the home page, and the removal of 'jump breaks' to show the whole post on the home page. I hope you like them, and that there isnt too much 'guff' at the top of the page before you get to the posts! The sliding images will link to the most relevant/important blog posts like recently complete minis or major WIPs.

Model-wise, I have started the Avelonian Recruit bust by Alkemy. Its really nice to try something in a different scale - from the top of his head to the bottom edge of his chest he is almost exactly 40mm tall. A good size for a bust to paint for fun, and this guy seems almost to be painting himself.

I have added some more colour to him tonight, but only some green and a little more leather-work on the strap that is on the left side of his chest (as you look at it). As it stands right now, the green needs darkening, but it makes him look almost like a character from Robin Hood...!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Forgeworld/Warhammer Forge... *drool*

This post is just a general musing, and a bit of a 'hats off' moment to GW's premium resin sister company Forgeworld. Since (re-?)opening their Warhammer doors with their 'Warhammer Forge' range, the releases coming from FW have just gone from strength to strength.

To the point that I almost have to buy some....!!

The models I want to highlight today are the new Verminlord, a skaven lord mounted on a rat-beast and a new style of Space Marine Dreadnought. All superb models which look like a real joy to paint


Here are some pics of the groovy stuff (all taken from the Forgeworld website)