Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Added colour to the marine

So I started adding some colour to the first of the Salamanders last night. The first step was a quick zenithal primer using Halfords care primer aerosols... this hasnt given a smooth edged blend from black to white, and is actually quite blotchy (as you can see in the photo) but, as most of it will be covered by the painting, it is not too much of an issue.
I started slapping some green on - I want it to be very saturated and almost glowing, with deep shadows and zingy bright highlights. This should contrast nicely with the black shoulders, gun and backpack. Still obviously a lot of work to do, but I definitely think I have made the right choice sticking with the bright green.


  1. Oh wow that is super bright! It almost looks like its getting close to sons of Medusa bright green. It's probably just all the white around it though. I do like high contrast though so I can;t wait to see it against the black and metals. I bet it will POP!

    1. Yeah, it is quite bright, but will get darker as I go down the model so should give a deeper tone overall. As you say, I think that when I frame the green with the other colours it should work quite nicely :)