Saturday, 30 March 2013

Orc bust back on the workbench

In my usual hap-hazard way of working on what really grabs me, I spent a good bit of Thursday working on 'Einstein' the Figone Orc bust from back in February, and have actually got some half-decent photos of him! And what a photogenic lad he is too...!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Slowly but surely

After a brief aside whilst I painted a commission piece (images to come once I have permission to post details), I am back on the huge samurai! *gulp!*

His head is complete bar the pattern on the white fold-backs, and both arms are almost there too. My mission for this week is to get to a point where his arms, legs and head* are attached and all that is left are the details such as the separate silk knots and lanyards, his swords and his quiver. As soon as I get to that point I will make sure to post pics!

*The head depends on how easy it will be to add the armour plates to his upper arms after it is glued in place

Here is a very poor, but closer shot of the chest piece with the very beginnings of the freehand design which will eventually cover all of the white armour plates.