Saturday, 22 June 2013

Vokker Dargu for Studio McVey

I am not a big commission painter - in fact I rarely take on projects unless they really grab me... but when Studio McVey approached me to paint one of their new Sedition Wars miniatures it was inevitable going to be one of those 'moments'! The miniature that fell to me to paint was a special piece from the Battle for Alabaster Kickstarter created as a 'thank you' for the backers' patience at the delay of the game launch.

He is an alternate version of the pistol-toting rebel Captain Vokker Dargu. As there was an existing paint-job of this guy, part of my brief was to paint him in the same colours as the original studio version. I struggled to get decent shots of him, so am secretly hoping Studio McVey might get some, but here are my photos:

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nearly done!

The Salamander is on the last rush towards completion. There's a fair bit more to do on the metallics (and his gun) and he is obviously missing a base, but he's certainly coming together.