Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Decals and the start of the weathering

A quick update!

Decals have now been added to the base... just a few to add a little interest, but not too many to be overwhelming. I have also started to add some rust spots, oil stains etc and been adding very thin washes of colour to subtly change some of the tones. Next will be to finalise where everything should be positioned and drill some holes for the pins *gulp*

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Easy like Sunday Morning

Nothing like a Commodores quote to start off a blog post, but I wanted to share the most recent changes to the McVey diorama I am working on. Been painting some incidental details for the piece and slowly pulling the rest of the base together.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wanted to share new pics of my old Barbarian

I took some new photos of my Salute winning Barbarian today and I thought that as they were sooooo much better than any previous attempt at photography I'd share them.

These photos give a much better representation of colour and contrast than the other photos I took, and the depth of field on my new camera seems to handle the scene a whole lot better too. Might even have to post these on CMoN, even though I dont like posting the same miniature more than once!

Now we're getting somewhere!

The colours are really coming together now - its ended up a grey, black and yellow scheme which compliments the models rather nicely!

Take a look...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

U-turn on colour choices!! (again!)

Sometimes you get to a point in a build where someone points something out and you have a bit of a 'moment' and you realise you may have gone down the wrong avenue. This was one of those moments...! It was brought to my attention that the colourful background was really competing for pride of place against the miniatures themselves, which was certainly not what I wanted.

I asked around a bit for more opinions and I came to the decision that something needed to be done. So over the weekend, I had a marathon session to flip the 'reset switch' and lay down some new base colours for the scene.