Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wanted to share new pics of my old Barbarian

I took some new photos of my Salute winning Barbarian today and I thought that as they were sooooo much better than any previous attempt at photography I'd share them.

These photos give a much better representation of colour and contrast than the other photos I took, and the depth of field on my new camera seems to handle the scene a whole lot better too. Might even have to post these on CMoN, even though I dont like posting the same miniature more than once!

Here they are, Wolf the Barbarian by Hasslefree Miniatures AKA "Barbarian in Ruins"


  1. Looks good, keep up the good work. ;-) Man that sounds like an automated spam comment. Let me throw in some word a spam robot would never use like spiffy!

  2. Hello. I am wondering if you take commissions? I love this work and would be interested in getting something similar done. Thanks!

    1. Hi Klevis. I do sometimes take private commissions, but not often - email me at jollybodgers [at] outlook [dot] com and we can discuss it there. Kind regards