Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Decals and the start of the weathering

A quick update!

Decals have now been added to the base... just a few to add a little interest, but not too many to be overwhelming. I have also started to add some rust spots, oil stains etc and been adding very thin washes of colour to subtly change some of the tones. Next will be to finalise where everything should be positioned and drill some holes for the pins *gulp*


  1. Nice decals and I do agree that less is more, the last thing you want is to have big decals that take your atention away from the minis.
    Do you get the decals on a specific store or its just random kits decals that you have collected over time?

    Looking good so far and I hope you dont mind this suggestion; but the yellow pipe is standing out quite a lot make sure when you weather it you blend it a bit more with the rest of the spaceship corridor.

  2. Thanks for the comment :) I have picked up various decals on random Ma.K kits and am using left-overs from the two I have built ;)

    I don't mind suggestions at all - in fact I really appreciate them. The yellow is pretty zingy, but should get brought down a bit with the weathering. I'll make sure to pay careful attention to it :)