Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sharro and other WIPs shot

Sharro is nearly complete now (yay!), but these photos have shown me a few areas which need a little more work (namely the left side of the face as we look at it and a few other things like her shoes). I have kept the orange and white scheme (it makes a change for me not to reinvent the model half way through with this project...!).

I have also just realised her hand in the air is supposed to be a glove - I thought it was just a poor cast. Might have to do something about that... and the forearm on the other hand is covered by an arm band too... And her eye-brows look huuuuuge in the pics - I thing some of that is the shadow from her brow, but it is something which needs to be fixed!

The other pics I have are of the two Strain pretty much 'in position' on the base. I think the one on the right needs to be set more in alignment with the edge of the base, but I think this setup gives the cramp claustrophobic feeling that I want.

(The i-beam is obviously not painted yet :P)

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