Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Chianti Lector AKA Hannibelle

Hasslefree Miniatures are running a sculpting competition at the moment (until the end of September) where you start off with their armature and create a miniature of your own. The prizes are pretty good with HF credit for the winners and copies of their miniature for all who enter.

More details can be found here.

I have decided to give it a go in the 'modern' section with a female homage to Hannibal Lector, who I've imaginatively named 'Hannibelle', but Tracy thinks the name Chianti might be better... Other than a couple of busts I've worked on over the last year or so, I don't really do a lot of sculpting in general and especially not using greenstuff/Duro, so I am a little apprehensive posting these images... But I thought I aught to show them anyhow!

Here are a couple of WIP shots:

Monday, 20 August 2012

Gladiatorc (minus plinth)

I think I am definitely bitten by the painting bug at the moment... I haven't even considered playing anything on the PC... Diablo has been left lonely and the various other MMOs that I've been playing are sat forlorn, and disappointed at their lack of game time. I, however, have been painting like a demon (for me at least)! My usual slow plod through miniatures has been sped up significantly by my current enthusiasm.

So, moving swiftly on, other than sorting out a plinth, this bad boy is done!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Golem Daemon Day

Last year Golem Painting Studio ran a workshop in the run-up to the UK Golden Demon event. The gist of which was that you took along your current project (potentially your Golden Demon entry) and worked under the watchful eye of a handful of tutors to really make sure your model was the best it could be.

After the success of the event last year, and also the painting masterclass they ran earlier this year, Golem Painting Studio decided to make the Daemon Day a yearly event. It is now that time of year again and there are some really great tutors in the line-up...

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I have started painting the Gladiatorc

I sculpted an orc bust last year, I don't know if you saw the post. It was an Orc Gladiator, or 'Gladiatorc' as I lovingly called him. I spent a lot of time preparing to cast it - bought all the ingredients, resin, rubber the works. But I never got round to making the mould... I bottled it! So I still havent actually had a go at casting anything... doh!

However, I do have some good news! Gladiatorc has actually been picked up by Model Display Products (MDP) to add to their range of fantasy and sci-fi busts. What a result! Look out for it on their website soon!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Frothers' Charity Miniature 2012

The gentlemanly chaps over at the Frothers' forums run a charity event pretty much every year, where a special model is sculpted and cast up in limited numbers and given to people who donate to the selected charities via a 'just giving' page. This is a great event; supporters get a great model and they raise a good sum of money doing it - last year they raised over £7000!! Last year the 'model' was actually a group of three 'Charlies Angels' types sculpted by three of my favourites sculptors - Kev White, Andrew Rae and Sebastian Archer, and they were all superb! This year's miniature is a barbarian girlie - click here for more info: Frothers' Unite!

Piggie! AKA the Wrath of Kings 'Union Worker'

Pork chops anyone?

So, I have been painting furiously since we moved into the new modelling room, and have managed to get the Union Worker to a state where i can say he is 95% complete. He still needs a base and possibly some freehand, but, as I want to have him as part of a regiment, I will be leaving both until I have a few more of these wonderful pig-men painted.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Organised Chaos...aka The Den

We've had a bit of a shuffle around at Bodgers HQ. Unlike a lot of painters we know, we are very lucky to have a large spare room available to us for our hobby(ies). It's easy to take the space for granted until you see people sharing photo's of their painting areas. Modelers seem to be very resourceful when it comes to finding somewhere to paint; kitchen worktops, cabinets with fold-away desks, impromptu areas on dining tables and so on. Of course the creme de la creme has to be a converted roof space or a purpose built external building. *sigh* Even as a girlie, I have grandiose dreams of areas like that, but as I said, we are very lucky with the space we have.