Monday, 20 May 2013

Salamander Marine getting there...

A quick update - the green is almost done, but a lot of the yellow highlights are being lost in my camera-phone photos here. I have been battling with the gold too, and can't decide whether I should have gone for a yellow chest eagle and maybe a stone eagle on the shoulderpad.

Anyone got any suggestions?


  1. Looking good - maybe some purple glazes on the eagle to add some contrast and bring the metallics into the scheme a bit more?

    Liking the green and the general direction things are going.



    1. Ha! I was about to make the same suggestion with the purple on the gold. You could also glaze with yellow to make the very highest gold areas tie in with the yellow highlights on the armour. You were right about that green framed by the black though - WOW!

    2. Spent a little more time on this tonight - worked some more colour into the gold which already had yellow and purple in as you guys suggested but obviously not enough! I will keep playing with it but it is looking better already :-) thanks guys