Monday, 28 November 2011

a WIP by Hasslefree Miniatures

I seem to have this 'thing' about Kev White sculpts, I just absolutely love what he does and there have been a couple of pieces over on the Forum of Doom recently which have really impressed me. One is a Powered Armoured human:

I think its difficult to top the quality of that sculpt even though Kev feels he needs to "sharpen some details". I'll buy this as soon as its released (and would be really happy if they released him in resin!)

The other is an ED209 style Grymn walker (Grymn are Hasslefree's space dwarves). This one is outrageous:

There is also a version with a detailed interior and pilot on its way:

One thing I'd love to see on this model is some kind of arm option for one (or both) of the shoulder mounts... but maybe that can be something for me to work on personally - it would certainly make it different!

I've got to stop fawning about HF minis... too damn good!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hasslefree vignette

Well, I am pretty much there with the 'build' stage of the small Grymn Vignette now... hopefully will have it sprayed up tomorrow and start the painting. There have been a few 'cast' changes since the last photos, but I am pretty happy with the three I've ened up with. It was the guy on the left who kept changing...

Friday, 18 November 2011


Hey guys :)

Its NMovember, and as has become tradition in many places, people are growing moustaches all over the world for the good cause of raising awareness (and hopefully money) about two major men's health issues - testicular and prostate cancer.

I am never one to shy away from facial hair - I am often sporting a bear or sideburns, but never normally just a moustache. This year, with some support from a handful of colleagues (my Mo' Brothers), I have decided to grow a 'tache for charity...

My Movember Page

Any donations will be most welcome... and I won't even object to you laughing at silly pics of me!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bugle Call

Just a quick heads-up to anyone in the vacinity - its Bugle Call this Sunday (20th Nov). This is one of the best model show's I've been to, with some really spectacular models on show and attended by some of my favourite painters from The Basement and WAMP as well as a lot of great traders.

We'll be there with our stand and doing various demos throughout the day (basically painting soldiers and having fun!)

More info here.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Something up my sleeve... the Hasslefree Hustle

Something big going on over at Platoon Britannica at the moment. We have just launched the first in a themed set of competitions which we are calling the 'Best of British'. What we are hoping to do is spotlight a different independent British mini company over a series of competitions and events with the shameless yet selfless intent to encourage their support in this time of economic downturn.

Our official statement of intent can be found here!

The first event is called Hasslefree Hustle and as you can imagine, supports Hasslefree Miniatures. Full details can be found here. It is a painting competition with pretty simple rules - paint a model or group of models which fit on (up to) a 50mm x 50mm base and you can use models from other UK-based companies as long as Hasslefree pieces remain in the majority. Closing date: 15th January 2012

I have knocked up a quick concept of what I am hoping to enter into the 'staff' part of the comp - a group of Grymn pressing forward into no-man's-land... The intent will be to cram as much detail onto the small 40mm base as humanly possible... but it leaves me with some questions

1. Camo or coloured armour
2. Weapon glow or muted matte armaments
3. NMM or metallics


What are you going to do?