Sunday, 27 April 2014

He's still got it...

I joined Cool Mini or Not back in the annals of time (2002 to be precise), and back then for me it was a real eye opener into the wider hobby outside of the Games Workshop universe which many of us cut our teeth on. So, I've been a member for a very long time, (not to mention met my better half) and through all that time, the one constant is that the top scores have got progressively more difficult to obtain.

I last had a new miniature in my CMoN top 5 (the number of minis that go to make up your personal rank) back in 2011 (Wolf, my mini which won be Best at Show for Salute), but the others are all 2005-6... a VERY long time ago...!

But today, I noticed a very welcome sight... the Crazy Ivan bust I painted suddenly jumped in the number of votes it received... why? It had made its way onto the top miniatures of the last 7 days! woop woop!

Not only that, but with a score of 9.4 (long may that continue) it inserts itself onto my personal top 5!

So that brings me up to

I've still got it!


  1. Really? Because I was going to vote an 8, but then these big guys showed up and "insisted" that I vote higher for the the Russian mobster bust. I call shenanigans! Oh, hi gentlemen...No you are right what I meant to type was: Nice painting Comrade, Peter! ~help me~....

    No seriously though, did you really doubt your talent? You have some very nice pieces over the last few years :)

    1. I hope they didn't hurt you too much Zab... Ivan knows not to damage people's painting hands unless it is a special occasion...

      I suppose it's not about doubting my talent, but more how much more talent there is out there - so People's expectations are a lot higher. It is a lot harder to get a '9' on CMoN now than it was in 2005/6. It also feels better for me to have something current in my top 5 :P

  2. Congrats. I can't remember where i saw your Ivan bust recently, so could meant new viewers. It did make me purchase the bust from Forged Monkey.

    I think it's good to rekindle old works since CMON has a big archive of work.

    1. Thanks dude - CMoN is definitely the largest gallery out there, and they do some great books! I missed out on getting some minis in their annual this year by not checking my PMs... I hope not to repeat that next year!

  3. Told you it was awesome...

    But what do I know I am possibly insane