Sunday, 28 August 2011

More of my Domaru Butai

I have attached his weapon now and started working on some object source lighting from his eyes, wrist and part of his gun. Still thoroughly enjoying this model - going to have to start on the base soon

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Domaru Butai = Bananaman in Japanese?

Konichiwa! A week since my last post and my Domaru Butai now has some colour.

I have gone for a yellow and blue scheme on him (I changed my mind from the red and white I mentioned a few posts ago - he's gone from the Marlboro Man to Bananaman...) and am pretty chuffed with how he is turning out so far. Lots and lots of layers, to gradually build up the colour, but it seems to be working. Yellow is usually a bit of a bane of mine (I suspect thats one of the reasons I chose it - just to torture myself) so I thought I'd mention a few of the colours I used in more detail.

I have tried to use a little colour theory here and had a go at shading with a contrasting colour. In this instance, the opposite to yellow on my colour chart is purple, so I started off my base coating most of the armour in GW Foundation Iyanden Darkson, and then added progressively more Vallejo Model Colour (VMC) Purple to the mix. Each stage I would layer on a few more layers getting deeper into the recesses.

Once I got to pure purple, I started working with Reaper Master Series (RMS) Redstone Shadow and applied a number of glazes deep into the shadows. Adding the very dark orange into the deepest shadows here takes me back towards yellow again but should also give me a nice contrast with the dark blue I will be using elsewhere.

At some point I blocked in some dark blue, just to see how it was looking. This was mainly curiosity, but it also meant that some of the dark colour was already in place so when I come back to it there is less likelihood of me daubing dark blue paint over a lovingly shaded and highlighted yellow suit of armour...!

I then highlighted by adding VMC Light Yellow to the Iyandon Darkson and gradually built up some highlights on the upper edges of the model. Both the shading and the highlighting was done with a zenithal method in mind with a diffuse overhead light source. The last thing I did was glaze a super-thin wash of the VERY old GW yellow ink over all of the armour. This brought all the colours together and smoothed out any rough highlighting. I do intent to re-highlight in Light Yellow and also apply some spot white highlights to some sharp edges to really make it 'pop'.

Here are some more photos:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Domaru Butai - WIP

The Infinity model I am doing is called 'Domaru Butai' from the Yu Jing faction... I dont know much about it, but its a damn nice model...! Its come together really well apart from the usual issue of trying to line up two arms at three points - both shoulders and one wrist - whilst allowing the arm with the gun to stay detached for painting. faffed with that for ages. But its done now...

Talking of 'done', the base is complete and also ready for a lick of paint. Here are the next set of piccies.

This is the base in all its un-primed glory. Ignore the yellow tape, that's just to stop me losing the removable clear bit of plastic for the window. A big 'Thank You' to Gi6ers for sending me the minty green screen in a bag of other goodies - I think it works really well! Cheers dude! 

Click 'Read more' for the primed pics

Saturday, 13 August 2011

German Golden Demons

It was the German Golden in Cologne Germany last weekend, and those great and talented apes at Massive Voodoo did a wicked little video of it. I just wanted to share:

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Casting for the first time...

Time to take the next step in the hobby... I have sculpted an Orc bust that I want to cast, and this week, the casting materials arrived! I ordered it from Sylmasta as they sell complete kits with rubber, resin, release agent etc (and they were also giving away some clear epoxy glue). 

Monday, 8 August 2011


And now for something completely different... my first Infinity model!

I am trying to do a really high-scifi base with the typical Infinity staples of engraved panel lines and hexagons. The back of the piece will also have a detailed outer section. I am thinking of going quite wacky with my colours on this guy and do a Marlboro style red and white colour scheme - basically a white triangle on a red background over the whole model rather than picking out specific panels which appears to be the traditional way.

If the experience of painting this guy goes well, I am thinking of doing a small Infinity warband...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Vadim one last time

Actually, scrap that last post, I have fiddled a bit with him and tried to get some better photos.

Gave him a wolf's head tattoo and a crude but very subtle (less so in real life) wolf design on the metal scales on his back.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Vadim, Hasslefree Orc - Finito? (Nope!)

I think I'm at the end of another project, and had that strange feeling towards the end that I just wanted to get it done. Not entirely sure thats a positive thing, but there you go... I now have a completed Vadim, the Hasslefree Orc.

Part of me still feels he needs some tattoos or warpaint, but I cant decide on a theme or even where to put it... unless anyone has any great ideas, I think I will leave him as is!

Besides, is a model ever truly finished...?