Monday, 8 August 2011


And now for something completely different... my first Infinity model!

I am trying to do a really high-scifi base with the typical Infinity staples of engraved panel lines and hexagons. The back of the piece will also have a detailed outer section. I am thinking of going quite wacky with my colours on this guy and do a Marlboro style red and white colour scheme - basically a white triangle on a red background over the whole model rather than picking out specific panels which appears to be the traditional way.

If the experience of painting this guy goes well, I am thinking of doing a small Infinity warband...


  1. I actually clicked a link in someones signature and here I am. Well done for updating this blog so regularly.....

    This looks interesting....

  2. Oooh! A comment :P Thanks Orb - I am trying to keep this blog bang up to date with what I am working on. At the moment its easy as I am going from one project to another with little or no down-time, but I dont know what will happen during my quiet periods! :P

    Maybe I'll just rant about minis ;)

  3. This looks promising. The base looks ace!

  4. Thanks dude! Hopefully do some more work on this over the weekend.