Sunday, 14 August 2011

Domaru Butai - WIP

The Infinity model I am doing is called 'Domaru Butai' from the Yu Jing faction... I dont know much about it, but its a damn nice model...! Its come together really well apart from the usual issue of trying to line up two arms at three points - both shoulders and one wrist - whilst allowing the arm with the gun to stay detached for painting. faffed with that for ages. But its done now...

Talking of 'done', the base is complete and also ready for a lick of paint. Here are the next set of piccies.

This is the base in all its un-primed glory. Ignore the yellow tape, that's just to stop me losing the removable clear bit of plastic for the window. A big 'Thank You' to Gi6ers for sending me the minty green screen in a bag of other goodies - I think it works really well! Cheers dude! 

Click 'Read more' for the primed pics


  1. wow, have I already mentioned that this really looks very promising?

  2. Now this is looking really nice. Will be keeping a close on your progress :)

    I'm on a real Infinity kick myself at the moment and have got a Haqqislam squad lined up.

  3. Cheers guys - laid some colour down last night, yellow shaded with a purply colour... and a Prussian Blue for the artificial muscle bundles between the plates. Photos later!

  4. Ha! The yellow tape on the 'window' didn't stop you from loosing it the other day :p