Thursday, 7 November 2013

Another commission! Feral Lass for Ax Faction

After the whirlwind of excitement around the GDUK, with it's traditionally lengthy build up and painting frenzy through the summer months, it can often be a bit of an anti-climax when we get to October. Burnt-out and exhausted it is not uncommon for a competition painter to down tools until Christmas...

Not this year baby!

I think a combination of actually winning something and having a couple of lovely commissions lined up for me has meant that I have springboarded straight into a mojo-fuelled paintfest. But what have I been painting? The first one I can show you as it has just been showcased by the manufacturer but the other one is on more of a longer timescale, but is also rather exciting for me (something for a later blogpost)!

So, here she is, my second commission for Ax Faction, the Feral Lass

This girlie is the first in a range of mounted miniatures by Ax Faction which are intended to have completely interchangeable riders and mounts. As such I have also been asked to get some photos of the Lass and the Stag separately. The Lass herself... Extreme Closeup!!:

And the stag on his own:

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