Monday, 16 July 2012

Wrath of Kings Union Worker

Wrath of Kings Union Worker... painted as a pig-faced orc!

I have some grand schemes for these Wrath of Kings models... I am actually intending to paint a group (warband?) of them as a bit of a challenge to myself - I haven't painted a unit/squad of anything for a very long time.... but these models are different. Different in that beautiful, non-conventional, Rackham-esque way that has got me excited about miniatures.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dropzone Commander Diorama Finished!

And its done...!

Painting 10mm models was quite a new experience for me and despite a few issues along the way, I am really quite pleased with the way this little scene turned out. I had a few learning experiences along the way - such as white is really tricky and painting long smooth gradients is very difficult without an airbrush! If you want to see the build of this vignette or any other Dropzone Commander posts, then follow this link.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Mr Bad Axe by JoeK Minis completed!

The companion piece to "Mr Good Axe" is a rather sinister barbarian aptly named "Mr Bad Axe". I really wanted to play with saturation and contrast on this piece, and work in some of the new techniques I have been learning over the recent months. The armour is painted in metallic paints with a high contrast, pushing black paint directly into the recesses, and anywhere I wanted shadows. Regarding the positioning of the dark and light I have really tried to work in the same methodology as used in NMM, and although the photos are typically harsh on metallics, I feel that I managed to pull it off to some extent!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mr Good Axe by JoeK miniatures complete!

I was recently commissioned by JoeK Minis to paint up their two new barbarians (sculpted by Matt Gubser) and I finally handed them over to Joe on Saturday. It is always a warm and fuzzy feeling being able to hand over pieces like this personally - and it is probably fair to say that he was pretty pleased with the results! This first one had a passing similarity to one warp spasming barbarian of 2000AD fame... I decided to paint him to emphasise that 'family resemblance'... black hair, yellow tartan and red warpaint...

Big 'shout out' to Toosh for her always excellent snowy bases - they really tied the two barbarians together - thank you!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dropzone Commander diorama nearly done

More pics... getting there slowly but surely! I have a deadline for the end of the week, but fret not, the dropship is pretty much done, just needs some weathering, and the legs of walker number two are at a similar stage, so its not going to be a problem.

I intend to add some more foliage of different types to the cliff face - maybe some to represent small trees. I just need to work out how to effectively apply chipping to 10mm figures... very small bits of sponge on the end of a cocktail stick I guess!