Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mr Good Axe by JoeK miniatures complete!

I was recently commissioned by JoeK Minis to paint up their two new barbarians (sculpted by Matt Gubser) and I finally handed them over to Joe on Saturday. It is always a warm and fuzzy feeling being able to hand over pieces like this personally - and it is probably fair to say that he was pretty pleased with the results! This first one had a passing similarity to one warp spasming barbarian of 2000AD fame... I decided to paint him to emphasise that 'family resemblance'... black hair, yellow tartan and red warpaint...

Big 'shout out' to Toosh for her always excellent snowy bases - they really tied the two barbarians together - thank you!!

Here he is, Mr Good Axe:

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  1. Nice paintjob and very cool color choice :)