Monday, 30 September 2013

Radagast the Brown

My other entry for GDUK this year was the Radagast which I showed as a WIP a few months ago. I was really pleased with the way he was turning out so decided to really try to create an interesting way of displaying the miniature.

With the competition in mind, I knew I had to keep him on his 25mm round 'appropriate gaming base' so I decided to put a lot of time and effort into his plinth. In theory the plinth is not part of judging the painting, but (in my opinion) it will most definitely help catch the judges eye - then I just had to hope that my painting would hold up to more intense scrutiny.

Being Radagast THE BROWN, there was always going to be a lot of brown - the trick was how to make that interesting. I used lots of different brown triads by Reaper and added the same shade colour (Coal Black by P3) and the same final highlight (Vallejo Ivory) to try and harmonize the various colours. The big point of interest for me in a model is always the face so with the 'lack' of colour in the rest of the model I wanted to make the face alive with colour (without being unrealistic) so I used a lot of Coal Black (which is really a very dark turquoise) and P3 Sanguine Base (a dark, desaturated red) to give him a bit of life.

The other POI I decided to go for was some freehand on his outer coat. Looking at stills from the movie his coat is almost like a tapestry with lots of patterns all over it so I went for a series of swirls and leaves and spirals to give a similar feel to it.

I think that's enough of a description and its time to show some photos...
And now for some closer shots of the man himself...
So... whaddayathink?

For some better photos, check out Putty & Paint -
(I think something may have changed on blogger and it seems to be butchering the quality of my photos)

I do have some other news about Radagast, and that is he helped me scoop my first Golden Demon!! I managed to win a gold in the Lord of the rings category!! Wooooooooooooohoooooooooo!!!!! Its been a long time and something I've wanted for absolutely ages... I am stoked!


  1. Fantastic work and a well deserved Demon. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Sean, its appreciated :) Been wanting one of those statues for a very long time ;)

  2. Awesome work. I liked your entry a lot. I also entered the 2013 Lotr single mini catagory. It was a great competition and you deserved your place. Do me a favour and don't enter next year lol. Just jokin : )


    1. I can't promise anything :P

      But thanks for your kind words - glad you liked him! I see we both went for spirals on his coat!

    2. Yes but yours look far better than mine. I think when i paint this particular model for my own collection I will use yours as a guide. Your spirals are incredible.