Friday, 15 June 2012

1st Anniversary of the Bodgers Blog

Wow, doesnt time fly? The first post on this blog was 1 year ago today... I can hardly believe it!

My first few posts were very tentative "hopefully I can keep this blogging malarkey up", and now we are 12 months on and I think I've managed it. I don't entirely know how interested people are in what I have to say, but in that time (according the the blogger stats) I have had 11,507 pageviews, and now have 60 followers (Hello to CMDante who just joined).

So what's next?

I think I need a year with lots of painting - I've learnt a lot so far this year with the visit to Chicago and the workshops from Chris Borer and Mathieu Fontaine, and the recent Golem Masterclass with Tommie Soule and Mike & Ali McVey, so now its time to practise. My own personal goal is to take 4 good, planned entries to the GDUK 2013, in a similar way I did with the Crystal Brush this year... and maybe, just maybe, I might have similar luck...

Thanks for reading!

Here is a parting gift... the Enyo walker for my Dropzone Commander diorama has some colour...


  1. And if you like to go to the German GD ... ;-)

  2. ;-) I'll be sure to let you know!

  3. Would be a blast.. Haven't met for how many years?

  4. Was the last time Salute 2004?