Tuesday, 6 March 2012

U-turn on colour choices!! (again!)

Sometimes you get to a point in a build where someone points something out and you have a bit of a 'moment' and you realise you may have gone down the wrong avenue. This was one of those moments...! It was brought to my attention that the colourful background was really competing for pride of place against the miniatures themselves, which was certainly not what I wanted.

I asked around a bit for more opinions and I came to the decision that something needed to be done. So over the weekend, I had a marathon session to flip the 'reset switch' and lay down some new base colours for the scene.

I started on Friday night with this:

All a bit too much.... here are some shots of the weekend's work:

First off was masking up the model and re-spraying it with Tamiya fine grey primer. I then attacked it with two grey tones from GWs Foundation Paint range - Adeptus Battlegrey and Astronomican Grey.

The next step was adding in some shading and highlighting to the light grey, and some rudimentary shadows on floor plates.

Here are some pictures with the models (roughly) in situ


  1. I love this little diorama, excellent idea!

  2. :D Thanks! Feels like I am battling with it at the moment, but I know I'll love it in the end :P