Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fairy Dust(ed)

Well, its taken much longer than I wanted it too, but my Fairy Wears Boots piece is finally done. Big smiles and big relief.  However......this fairy tale isn't quite over. I managed to break her wings (which are extremely delicate by the way) whilst packing her up for Grey Matter.  A few choice words were muttered and I'm now going to glue them on with a two part epoxy glue rather than the 'super' variety.

Anyway, whilst I get that task done, here are some pictures, complete with wings intact :D


  1. This is a fantastic piece, just beautiful to look at. Did you sculpt this from scratch or is it some sort of conversion?

    And I need to know, are those real candy?

  2. This is aweome, my only minor critique is that the boots seem to lack some highlighting, but apart from that it's an astonishing piece.

  3. Hey Gerrir, thanks for your comment. IRL the boots have more colour and the highlights show up better. But you are not the first person to make that comment, so I may give them a tweak whilst sorting out her wings.

    @Adam, thanks for your comments too. Glad you like her. Unfortunately I didn't sculpt or convert her. She's an original sculpt by Kev White for Greymatter Miniatures and yes, I think the sweets were cast from the real thing :) They are called Love Hearts and some of my favourites. There is a link to Miniatures on my WIP, go check them out :D

  4. Ok, how did you get the lollies to look so realistic?