Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A custom Dust Mech

Toosh and I are the two members of the group you're likely to meet at the Bodgers stand at shows at the moment due to various family commitments by the other members. We do, however have a quiet member who spends most of his hobby time preparing armies for wargaming. We shall call him 'Dave'*. This is quite a different discipline when compared to the display style pieces we normally work on and I really wanted to share that with you.

Dave has developed a very distinctive style since moving from display painting to wargaming with an eye for eyecatching colour schemes and a bold painting style which really pop from the tabletop... He's also DAMN quick!

I managed to get some photos by this elusive Bodger 'Dave'... here it is - a customised Dust Mecha.

*mainly because that's his name :grin:

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