Sunday, 20 May 2012

Boris, almost there...

Just a quick update on how Boris is coming on.

I have pretty much completed the skin apart from sole light glazes to being in some different colours to specific areas - a touch of red to his nose, maybe some purple to his knuckles. I also need to give him some eyebrows, but I don't have a great track record with those! The flesh tones as a whole have been painted with a specific highlighting methodology in mind which was taught by Mathieu Fontaine at a class I attended in Chicago last month.

Each muscle group has been painted as if it were a sphere with the light source directly above, and the whole model has also been painted as a sphere with the lower part of the model being much darker that the top.

The metals are also pretty much there and have the initial gradients in place. I am using metallic paints but in almost a NMM style. In fact, this is also using Mathieu's metallics method... so the whole figure is me putting into practice the things I learnt when I was away.

Hopefully my pictures will explain it a whole lot better than my words...


  1. Cheers dude -- I'm hoping to finish him tonight :)