Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A little frustrated...

Please endulge me, I need to vent a touch of frustration at the trouble I am having with the third model for my diorama... In stark contrast to the two chunky cyber-zombies, my third protagonist in my vignette is a delicate girly packing a couple of sub-machine guns. Should be a nice contrast to the gnarly bad-guys and be a different POV for the scene.

So all is good with the world, right? Not quite... read on for my tale of woe

The sound resonating round my head today is that stomach-wrenching *snick* of breaking resin...

Lets start at the very beginning (its a very good place to start*)... I always remove the tabs of my models and pin them to their bases. Whether they are plastic, metal or resin they ALWAYS get a pin. This may have been my first mistake. Sharro has tiny ankles, and early on in this build I managed to snap one when inserting a pin to attach her to a pin vice and eventually the vignette.

I removed the pin and drilled deeper into her leg and re-attached the foot. Rinse and repeat, working further up the leg each time it broke.

Not a happy bunny

She is now in pieces on my shelves at home. Damn her skinny ankles...!

*name the song

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