Monday, 23 January 2012

Learning Curve... a steep one! (AKA the first Revenant)

Well, sometimes in the pursuit of that next technique/style you have seen on t'interweb you sometimes leave casualties in the field... That was me this weekend...

I had got myself into a position where I wanted to really go to town on painting models for my small vignette this weekend, so I spent one of my few remaining annual leave days on a day off on friday. The intent was to get to a point by the end of the day where the Strain Revenant that I had prepped was painted. This, however did not really go according to plan...

As I wanted quite a lot of lividity to all the wounds on the revenant, I decided that it would be best to paint in almost a greyscale and then add all the colour afterwards. This may have been a mistake as the glazes I used didnt really sit well over the top of the shading and I didnt get the effect I was looking for. It ended up rather 'muddy' and not as neat as I had hoped.

I will start at the end for anyone who just wants to see where I finished.... after the break I will go into more detail about what I did. This is the revenant NOW:

OK, so you're ready for more of my musings... righty-ho



In this set of photos you can see how I built up the shadows first followed by painting in the details (torn flesh, boils etc) and then added colour to the flesh. To me it looks too messy, and I felt I needed to try something different.

This Revenant will have a short visit from Mr Dettol, and I will soon post a WIP of the second Revenant which I started over the weekend using a slightly different technique!

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  1. You know what hon, looking at these photos I don't think he looks that bad. He's just different! Maybe the two strain models would benefit from looking slightly different, but using the same colour tones? After all, one could be 'freshly' converted and therefore more livid? Just a thought T x