Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The second Revenant - much better so far!

After the previous attempt, I decided to try something a little different... in fact the reverse of what I did last time. Colour first and then shade!

Toosh reminded me of a really lovely Nurgle Demon painted by Bohun where he really went to town on the colour (he was determined to move away from the stereotypical green Great Unclean One). Using that as inspiration I have gone for oranges and purples for the wounds over a yellow ochre base. So far I am still on the 'colour' stage, but it is already looking much more interesting (to me at least). What do you think?


  1. I like this, a definate shift (in a good way) from what ive seen of the Strain stuff ive seen. Its gonna be interesting to see it a bit further along..

    Keep it up!!


    1. Thanks Danny

      I should get some more done on him over the next couple of nights and i'll make sure to post more pics when the skin is done :D