Friday, 23 September 2011

So, what's next...

The Domaru is now at a stage where it is theoretically complete (just needs a plinth), but I want to put it down for a little while so that I can look at it again with fresh eyes and make sure its been done to the best of my abilities. I want it to be a 'competition standard' mini, and taking that step away from it for a few weeks can make all the difference.

However, I have not been resting on my laurels, but been prepping and working out what to do next. I have a couple of Studio McVey minis that I want to do in a vignette which I have been sketching recently, a handful of Infinity models which I want to paint as a unit, and then something like the Avalonian Recruit bust by Kraken/Figone...

As each piece requires different levels of involvement I am tempted to start them all at once! One is a painting excercise, once is a base building and scene setting and the other is unit painting.

The bust is primed and I have started work on the metals
The McVey minis are cleaned and washed
The ALEPH are waiting patiently whilst I design the scenic base for them

Sketch for the McVey piece

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