Sunday, 24 July 2011

So, Torbay show, the low-down

So another Torbay show has been and gone - spoke with lots of people and generally ranted and raved about the hobby. I always end up frothing at some point at these events, and yesterday was no different! We had two six foot tables and split the stand between painting and display, and sat doing informal demos all day. Here are a few pics of the stand:

Those are the positives... now for something a little different. Unfortunately, as shows go, there was something missing this year, and this was figures. And traders. There were very few traders this year, and most of them sold exactly the same thing - plastic kits of aircraft. Couldn't even buy hobby staples like superglue, miliput, acrylic paints etc. This was a real shame, as people were talking to us about figures all day, and I am sure there could have been some good sales.

Back to figures though, it really seemed like we were the only dedicated figure painters at the show - there wasn't even the usual military modellers there with their 75mm British Guardsmen all at attention in slightly differing uniforms lined up. Again, there were lots of aircraft, a group who had loads of enormous (but cool) garage kits, and even some huge ships, but nothing remotely in the vein of what we do.

We thoroughly enjoyed talking to everyone we saw, but there somehow needs to be more of a draw to a show than having a general natter with old friends and new...

Finishing on a positive, we did get to use our new Vallejo paint case!! I got some painting done on my Hasslefree orc (see blog entry) and Toosh worked an a Darksword Frog  :^P

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