Wednesday, 7 August 2013

ArcWorlde Kickstarter by Warploque Miniatures

I had sworn myself off of Kickstarters for a while after a few less than ideal (for painters at least) plastics being used by board games type affairs, but had to make an exception for this new one by Warploque Miniatures...
Its a fantasy skirmish game Kickstarter with some really interesting METAL* miniatures. They are almost caricature in style and have a hell of a lot of character - something very important which can be missing a lot of time. There are 4 factions on the Kickstarter at the moment Humans (Albionnicans), Halflings, Orcs (Bayourks) and Undead Pirates (with a 5th soon to be added... Feral Elves! Only £280 to go) 

*They also have a small number of resin pledges available

I saw a lot of the miniatures for this Kickstarter in green form at a recent event (Figureworld in Oundle) and I instantly fell in love with them. They will be a lot of fun to paint, and I have already pledged my cash to their cause! 

Alex at Warploque Miniatures is not only the creator of the whole ArcWorlde universe, but is the artistic talent behind the concepts, the graphical work and also all the sculpting (the swine!). This means that there is a lovely unified theme to everything which creates a really cohesive range of miniatures. 

We've actually managed to get hold of two of the Bayourks to paint for Alex- a Chieften and a really cool Brute with a hog-tied goat under his arm... These samples are cast in resin, and I don't know whether these are special resin masters (are used to create the moulds for metal casting), or have been pre-prepped by Alex, but if the resins from the kickstarter are anything close to the quality of these, they are going to be very good indeed. We will be getting on to painting these shortly! 

Here are a couple of quick mobile phone photos of the boys...

Are you still reading? Get on over to the kickstarter and get some new toys! ArcWorlde Kickstarter

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