Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ginger spice?

I've been progressing nicely with the Warploque Bayourkand have got to the stage where i wanted to paint his hair. But here is the tricky bit... what colour? I settled on a fairly muted orange triad by Reaper ('carrot top' or something like that) as I thought it would contrast nicely against his blue denim-esque trousers and green skin (a bit Blanca from Street Fighter too).

I forged ahead and started slapping paint on but now I am unsure whether I made the right decision...

So, the nature of this post - what do you guys think? Any ideas for hair colour or do you think ginger is the way to go? One thing I should point out is that the colours are more saturated in real life - as a point of reference, the tile he is stood on is brilliant white)
Any help would be most appreciated!

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