Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Studio McVey competition over at Platoon Britannica

As part of the ongoing 'Best of British' event that we are running over at Platoon Britannica, we have just announced the second painting competition in the series - the McVey McLovin'. In essence, anything by Studio McVey (Sedition Wars or Collectors Series or a mix of the two) is game, and we are pleased to announce that we have managed to get hold of the increasingly rare and now out of production Kara Black models as top prize (the original one with the big gun)!

It would be really great to see what you come up with!

Full details can be found below:

Best of British - McVey McLovin'

14th February - 20th May

For our latest competition, we've gone with the magnificent McVey's. As many of you may know, Mike McVey is one of the giants of our hobby, and his contribution to painting fantasy and sci-fi miniatures has probably done more to get people into the hobby than any other single person - suffice it to say, that he's the creator of some singularly iconic works. Meanwhile, Ali McVey is also one of the loveliest, most humble painters many of us have ever met, and her ongoing dedication to spreading the love is famous (just have a look at the feedback she offers on the McVey forums!). Oh, and did we mention that they make some of the most awesome models in the world?

So, without further ado, the rules for the McVey McLovin!

  • Members
  • Staff
Any member of Platoon Britannica can enter the competition as long as their entry meets the criteria below. As before, we've split out the staff from the competition so that it's impossible for us to win anything other than bragging rights (which I fully deserve).

  • You can enter up to two pieces, each of which must follow these guidelines:
  • Max base size 50 x 50mm.
  • You can use as many models in your entry as you like, as long as they are mostly McVey.
  • You're free to use models from other companies, as long as they are from a UK-based company, and the McVey pieces remain in the majority.
  • You can use models from their collectors' range or Sedition Wars (or mix them up!).
  • You can enter models you're also entering in the WAMP McVey competition.
  • On the other hand, anything you entered into the McVey's own competition isn't allowed - we like to see new things! On the plus side, if you didn't manage to finish your piece for that competition, you can always finish it off for ours!
You're more than welcome to post up WIP and finished shots (and we'd encourage it!).

Final pics should be sent to: pbcomps@LIVE.CO.UK
  • Pics can be any dimensions, but please keep them below 300k.
  • You can only submit one picture per entry, but composite images are allowed.
  • Entries close Sunday 20th May, at 7pm.
We'll put up a gallery of all entries so that they can all be seen in one space.

Judging will be done by a poll, open to all members of Platoon Britannica, running for one week from the time it opens. With that much time, everyone will have a chance to snipe the mod or admin they like the most. And vote on the real competition, of course.

As before, there will be prizes for first and second in the Members' competition, with first prize including a fantastic Ltd Edition McVey Kara Black (the one with the mahoosive machine gun). The rest of the prizes will once again be drawn from our enviably huge piles of unpainted models!

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