Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A little progress

So, the weekend brought more progress on my diorama. The scene itself is pretty much done (more about that in a moment), and the two Revenants are coming along nicely. I have spent a fair bit of time on the flesh tones of the first one I painted to make it match the other one more closely, and the trousers of the second one to  match those of the first!

Here is a quick pic of what they look like together. Still more work to be done, but you get the drift :-D

This photo may be a little overexposed, as the blue is deeper than that, but it shows how the two are much closer in style and quality than before. I am much happier now!

Next up is the base. When I started the scene, it was one revenant vs Sharro, but witht he size of the base, it was brought to my attention that there might not have been enough going on, and that a second Revenant might be in order... so, in light of this I had been planning on making it a two-storey affair, with one of the strain on the top platform. I am now torn between that and having him in the corridor. Putting him on top will require a lot more work to that top section to stop him looking 'plonked' and I am not entirely sure if it will be worth all the effort. If I had designed the scene with two stories in mind from the off, I probably would have done it quite differently.

Here are some comparison pics to show you what I mean.

I'd love to hear your opinions on this - should the second strain be up top or in the corridor?

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