Wednesday, 29 June 2011

First Space Marine in a long time

I've been thinking about painting some miniatures to put up on Ebay, but really procrastinating about what to do (as I do)... but I finally settled on a Space Marine veteran of some sort I found in my bits box. I have gone for an Ultramarines colour scheme and based him on a standard GW 25mm round base inset in a 40mm square attached to a plinth...

Its all still pretty WIP, but I have laid down most of the colours on the Marine now, and got the rough layout for the base done, but there is still quite a lot to do. I see his niche in the market being army centrepiece/display model hence the removable base, and an attempt at quick but solid painting rather than an ULTIMATE paint-job... here are some pics:

The base:

And then the bad-boy himself:

I seem to be struggling to get good photos of the Marine - I think I need to work harder on the lighting... These were relatively quick shots taken tonight

 Thats it for now - more pics soon!



  1. Pictures look a bit grainy indeed, I think you need more light coming from the bottom. Have you tried putting some tin foil underneath the miniature, easy way to get some light from below...

    Good thing to see you blogging :)


  2. Yeah... those photos need replacing - will do that tonight! I think I have fiddled with some settings to try and make it better but made it much worse! doh!