Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Still trying to work out exactly how I want to set up my new site.

I like the idea of a blog at least for the homepage, but I am now playing with how to integrate it within a 'proper' website with galelries etc, or whether that is even needed these days...!


  1. Hey Peter,

    it would be great to see some of your WIPs and stuff on this site, but I know maintaining a blog costs a lot of time and effort. But you can also get a lot of motivation and satisfaction out of it...

    About the gallery: check out the "pages" feature of blogger. With some creativity it is possible to make a blog look like a website (I'm in the progress of doing it myself with the next version of my blog).

    Good luck with it!!


  2. Thanks Gerrie! This is the conclusion I am quickly reaching too :) I'll get some WIPs up soon


  3. Welcome to blogging. Hopefully you'll find it as fun as I have. Hmm... Bodgers blogging? Blodging?