Monday, 31 December 2012

3 hours left...

...and the tank is pretty much done!

Now back to the marines


  1. Pete, On the reds, What paints did you use? and How did you get that 'edgy' highlight effect?

    1. Hi Phill

      The reds are a mix of P3, Vallejo Model Colour and Daler Rowney FW black acrylic ink. I started with VMV Black red as a base coat, then washed over it in the thinned ink. This particular Daler Rowney ink dries beautifully matte so gave me a good base to work up from. I edged the gun progressively closer to the corners with progressively lighter colours – VMC Black Red, P3 Sanguine base, P3 Sanguine Highlight, P3 Khador Base, P3 Khador Highlight and then a bright pink for the very corner. Once dry, I glazed it with a GW Bloodletter (?) red glaze.

      Obviously this could be done in any colour - the knack is the position of the highlights and pushing them to the corners rather than along the whole edge as you get lighter.